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Bijuterii arhitectonice / Architectural jewelry

Mici basoreliefuri de frunze, arcade, spirale si sfere au coborat de pe peretii cladirilor care isi dau ultima suflare in Bucuresti. Ce poti face? Le poti agata la pieptul tau salvandu-le de la uitare. Spunem despre multe cladiri vechi din Bucuresti ca sunt “bijuterii arhitectonice” dar din pacate unele sunt atat de ruinate incat tot ce am putut face a fost sa fotografiem cele mai frumoase elemente de décor de pe fatada si sa le imortalizam in portelan.


Small sculptures of leaves, arches, spirals and spheres climb down from the walls of dying buildings in Bucharest. How can you help? By pinning them to your chest and saving them from being forgotten. A lot of old buildings in Bucharest are considered “architectural jewels” but unfortunately some of them are so ruined that the most we could do was to photograph the most beautiful decorations of their façade and immortalize them in porcelain.

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